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Our Staff

Who We Are

The core members of Genesis are a tight-knit team of practitioners with more years of combined experience than we like to think about. We have a large pool of skilled and experienced associates, many of whom have worked closely with us for years. What binds us all is our motivation to help our clients solve their business challenges, be they strategic or operational in nature.

And we've got a tried and tested arsenal of proven methods, tools, people and frameworks to make sure we can transform your business. Meet our talented team of thinkers, doers, drivers, analysers, enablers and ping pongers below.

Shayne Hunter Director

As a founder of Genesis, Shayne has over 30 years of ICT and business experience. Client and quality-orientated, Shayne is our creative and innovative problem-solver.

Paul Grealish Director

Paul's management career spans 25 years, in Wellington and London. His ethos? Information technology should enable business, add value, and is all about people.

Maie Thainat Finance & Office Manager

Maie makes sure the office, and everyone, operates as it should. She has worked in the IT Consulting industry for six years, taking a 2 year break to travel and then spend some quality time with her one-year-old son.

John Lockhart Senior Consultant

After 35 years in IT, John has a strong reputation as a strategic thinker. But it's his business and finance skills which extend his consulting capability well beyond pure IT.

Dascha Elliott Business Development Manager

Once an early childhood teacher, Dascha can develop and foster relationships at all levels. Passionate about people, she thrives when helping people to succeed in business.

Our Services

How We Help

We know you've heard it before, but at Genesis we genuinely bring results to your business in a practical and honest way. It's our experienced team, coupled with our carefully curated set of best practice methods and services which enables us to add genuine and effective value to our clients' businesses.

Our services portfolio covers two areas. For those requiring IT-enabled change or transformation, we offer services that encompass a four-stage engagement lifecycle; innovation, discovery, implementation and realisation. In addition, we have a complementary set of specialist, specific service lines.


We design and tailor our engagements to the unique needs of our clients. This could include strategic outputs, mentoring and visioning, or more pragmatic elements such as reviewing capability, analysis, design or project management. Whatever our client's requirement, we're commmited to delivering practical business outcomes for them.


At Genesis, we provide advice and consulting to enable successful selling. We can assist in creating sales teams from scratch, ensuring the right structures and CRM systems are in place to support ongoing sales success. And we also review and improve our clients' existing sales processes, and provide consulting and contract sales resource to enable our clients to keep winning.


Our consulting team have practical experience in embedding quality approaches in our clients’ organisations. Using our proven quality management frameworks we can improve the quality of products, services and business processes which therefore enable the clients we work with to reduce unnecessary cost, manage risks and better satisfy their customers.


In this increasingly digital world, its important digital is an intrinsic part of our clients’ business strategies too. Genesis’ services in this area are designed to help our clients evolve, at a pace which will have positive impact. This could include enabling a shift to user-centered design, building a digital strategy or facilitating executive and team training.


Our experiences as practitioners means we know how IT works. Importantly, we have a good understanding of the roles that make IT work well. We will take the time to understand your business and the skills required for your available role. We’ll then access our extensive network of contacts to find the right people with the right attitude and competencies.

Our Clients

Who We Help

With over 20 years of operation behind us, and hundreds of successful projects, we’ve engaged with the full spectrum of public and private sector customer. However being in the capital city has allowed us to amass some fairly specialist knowledge and industry insight into the Health, Government and Education sectors.

Genesis is also a member of the AoG Consultancy Services panel in the following categories; Assurance (including GCIO Assurance Service Sub-panel), Audit, Finance and Economics.

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